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Workplace Personality Test

A workplace personality test is a great way to help increase productivity and you can use it as a foundation for all staff development initiatives.

The PeopleMaps Workplace Personality Tests will help both staff and line managers. Everyone can benefit from the additional knowledge and insight provided by personality assessments.

Do you manage other people? Are you trying to get the best out of them? Is staff engagement an issue for you? Developing a deeper understanding of each staff member’s personality provides a great foundation for any development work. It’s the only way you can hope to work to people’s natural abilities.

What is a Workplace Personality Test?

The first thing we need to clarify is that this is not a test. Personality just is. There are no right or wrong answers and there is nothing to improve when it comes to personality. It’s true we are conditioned to try and improve everything, however, personality is not something that needs to improve. It does need to be understood. Most managers and staff members do not understand the personality types they are working with.

Personality affects pretty much every aspect of your work. Yet, despite being a huge influence on our life, we largely ignore it and behave like it does not exist.

If you know anything about psychology you know that humans are very complicated. This is another reason you should not use labels and should not pigeonhole people. Everyone is unique.

Personality assessments can help us understand the complexity of humans and make sense of it. They at least provide us with strong clues and insight, which is better than ignorance.

Not all Workplace Personality Tests are the same

As with most products, profiling varies. Some providers are great and many are not. Do not presume they are all the same or even comparable. Many, including some of the most popular, are not that good.

For instance, it is important to use a short questionnaire but without compromising on accuracy or resolution. The PeopleMaps questionnaire only takes 5 minutes to complete, yet delivers incredible results.

The other great thing about PeopleMaps reports is that they can be used immediately, as they require no interpretation or specialist training to use.

PeopleMaps reports are jargon-free. If you can read them, you can understand them.

How To Recruit Using Workplace Personality Tests

workplace personality tests

PeopleMaps has helped thousands of organizations with their recruitment. Interviewing and selecting job candidates is very difficult, so the additional information provided by a PeopleMaps Interview Pro recruitment personality test can make all the difference and help employers make better hiring decisions.

Why do people interview candidates? They already know everything about their qualifications, experience and skillsets, so why interview? Essentially we interview because we want to know who the person is. It’s actually a personality test. It is not a very reliable one but we never hire without it. PeopleMaps can provide you with something more reliable than your gut feel.

For over twenty years PeopleMaps has been pioneering online personality reports for recruitment. Used properly and combined with your own experience, you will make more reliable recruitment choices. Stop guessing and start using real data. If this was a capital investment you would gather all the data you could before making a decision. Apply the same standards to your recruitment.

Recruitment is risky. Get it wrong and it can be a painful, long-lived, experience. Reduce your risk by using more data.

Workplace Personality Test for Teams

Do you have teams in your workplace?  You probably do. If so you will know that getting two or more people to work together can be very challenging.

This is why PeopleMaps has developed a range of personality reports dedicated exclusively towards team development. 

Managing Staff Using Workplace Personality Tests

Did you know that your approach to management is determined by your personality type? This is why all managers have their own approach. So although there are many skills you will learn, much of what is going on is not covered by learned behaviour. It is mostly covered by your personality type and your experience.

As a manager, the first step you need to take is to understand how your personality type affects the way you manage. Most people are oblivious to this. PeopleMaps can help you with this and provide you with an insight into yourself as a manager that is likely to be new to you.

PeopleMaps also provides managers with reports about their staff to guide them on how to manage each person more effectively. Good managers make small adjustments for each personality type they deal with.

How our workplace personality test works

Unlike most profiling providers, PeopleMaps creates applications rather than general reports. An application has a specific purpose. There is nothing general about it.

For example, if you are recruiting a salesperson, then you would use Interview Pro – Sales, as this report deals with the issues pertinent to sales roles and includes interview questions about sales.

PeopleMaps will let you try a Workplace Personality Test for free.

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